Fixed budget
Unlimited scaling

Stop limiting your data by number of urls, competitors, & times data are crawled !

Unlimited Competitors

Yes sir! Monitor 10 or 1000 competitor e-shops , change them add more antyime. without altering your yearly data budget.

Updated data 24/7

Once or even four times per day are not enough in today’s Ecoomerce. Data updated every 90′ without change of cost.

Automated Product Matching

Our systems compare and match your products with competitors by image, size, specs, MPN, EAN, Titles and description.

Automated list of products to be monitored.

We daily sync and monitor your new arivals, wile remove from your account your not relevant to be monitored anymore articles.

Human Quality Assurance team

Data Specialists harvest the power of data tools, to find wrong matches or missin data before those reach your systems.

SLA Quality & Quantity Guaranteed

Minimum performance KPIs and metrics penalties to feel safe you will be getting the same quality of data even 6 months / years later.

Image Description

Directly from Competition

Stop accepting data coming from Google Shopping and PriceComparison sites. You deresve untouched information.

Just a price
is not enough anymore

Any information presented into your competitors product pages is translated into Pricing Data.

Marketplaces are handled as different competitors give you a complete market view.

Map your competitors dozens different availability texts with your own with ease.


Instant Quality Competition data .

Import our data right into your Pricefx, PROS, Omnia, Vendavo, Competera , Zilliant, Price2Spy, Prisync, upgrade your pricing decisions!


Don’t take our word..

Data near to perfect, best I’ve seen in market so far”

Senior Pricing Manager


What we do?

TGN fuels your pricing system with Premium data sets.

Our goal is to power excellence, wherever that may be.

We import your product list

..only basic product info needed like brand , title etc. No need to export your whole masterdata.

Data magic happens

..there is no magic here, just systems & experienced data analysts fetch and evaluate your data 24/7.

You get data !

..we are able to feed your systems with pricing data alterations even every 15′ minutes. Be always updated.

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Customers renew their yearly contract adding more TGN services.

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